Back by Popular Demand

Hey Winnipeg Social fans!

Happy Canada Day!

We are excited to announce that plans are now in place to host the 6th Annual Winnipeg Social in Kelowna this fall. We’ve secured the Parkinson Recreation venue on Harvey for November 5, 2022, so save the date!

Like our last social we are planning on having live music, dancing, your favourite social food, and the opportunity to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation for programs right here in Kelowna.

We want you to know that given the challenges we’ve all faced over the last two years with COVID be aware that things can change rapidly. We can’t predict into the future but it’s not stopping us from planning in the hopes that all will be well in November. In any regard, we will be following all of the COVID rules and guidelines set out by the government of BC, including cancelling this event if need be. Tickets are not available as of yet but once they are, and should the event be cancelled, all tickets will be fully refundable.

We are also looking for volunteers and sponsor! Please contact us with your name and number to let us know if you are willing to donate to this worthy event.